Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Love Is

Danced in the kitchen with my husband tonight, while thinking and smooching about how much we love that we've loved eachother for 14 years. Since innocence. He was my first love, and I'm so thankful that I loved first the man I'll love last. In the most "Sweet Valley High" and "Clueless" way possible.

Followed up by this, with a couple twirls and Prom reminscences., And then thankfulness.

I love my family, so much. All the new ones and old ones and close ones and not so close ones, in whichever way those may be, whether by distance or by time or just by how things go. And I love you all and I am blessed. Not just by some higher-up, but by the lucky happenstance of the combination of wonderful people who are in my life.

Finish with these two totally disparate representations of excellence in the world of creativity.

Today, I am thankful for stuffing, whiskey, white wine, Balderdash, and Family. So good, so loved.

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