Friday, November 8, 2013

Stupid song, stuck in my head

They played a Kid Rock song on the radio on my drive home today. And then it got stuck in my head. Which was especially frustrating because the only cure for me when I get a song stuck in my head is to listen to it. Which means I had to look up a Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet and play it. I was worried that Ross would make fun of me for it, because I know him and that's what he does, but this was serious! I really didn't think I could handle having that stupid chorus stuck on repeat in my head for the rest of the night.

So I did it. I googled Kid Rock, and ended up on the CMT website. If you wanna watch the video, and think you can stomach those two making googly eyes at each other, here ya go.


You could just let Ross narrate it for you. Because that's what he did. Instead of making fun of me, he scoffed and smirked and laughed his way through the whole video, and it was like having a "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" going in the background. To the best of my knowledge, this was the running commentary (I may have taken a bit of artistic license here and there):

Ross: You know Sheryl Crow's hit rock bottom when she's doin' duets with the straggelly ass ratface lookin' guy. What's his name? It's something dumb that he probably named himself when he was 8 and still thinks is cool. Kid Rock! That's his name. Look at that glare Sheryl Crow's givin' him. She looks like she hates him - like she hates the producers too. Like they promised her there would be glass between him but now there isn't and hes checking out her ass and she wants to punch him but can't because she's on camera. That dumbass hat. What is he trying to do with the giant mirror attached to the front of that thing, blind anyone who looks at him? This song is the theme song of West Virginia, right? 

I think this might be a new fun game: play terrible songs and document his reaction to them. For tomorrow, I'm torn between that Jordan Knight comeback attempt from about 8 years ago or the theme song to Friends...haven't watched that cheeseball of a video in ages.

I'm thankful today for bars with gorgeous beer gardens, reading bedtime stories to my kiddo, that delicious yaki-soba that's in the case with the organic vegetables and tofu at the grocery store, dad sweaters, unmatching socks. Because who needs to match, seriously?

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