Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Several Haikus About My Day (because why not)

Bart Trains are smelly
People talk much too loudly
Dudes, close your legs please

Observation stress
Thank god for the internet
I made the kids laugh

Gallagher and farms
A real match made in heaven
Watermelon smash

Art school students rock
They dance and sing in the halls
Parents, not so much

Mama, look, the twains!
I know honey, I saw them
But mama, there's twains!

Orange Golden Gate
Beautiful fog-free evening
San Francisco love

Ok, so I kind of know "why not" with the haikus, but honestly, I couldn't get myself going to write this evening. Today was a lot. Not all bad, but not all good, and Emmet cried and whined our whole ride home from the Bay Area Discovery Museum (I took lots of pictures, and I'm gonna review it tomorrow I think - AMAZING kid's museum). But before that, I had my biennial observation at work, which I think went well but was stressy all the same. I did a great lecture on advertising techniques with lots of commercials and video clips, and the kids seemed to enjoy it, so that was good. My boss said he enjoyed it too, so yay! Did lots of work on curriculum and other school advocacy stuff, attempted to get going on my National Boards, but I didn't get anywhere. Then the boys came and picked me up and we had some amazing playtime up in Sausalito. But man, I am beat now. So tired, so ready for an episode of Friday Night Lights and a drink.

Today, I'm thankful for: The Bay Area's awesomeness, the hole in the fence in my backyard, rum, just-sharpened pencils, triple chunk brownie mix

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