Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poo Sandwich

My family is awesome. Also, they are impossible sometimes. Today, I was sent this video, with no explanation whatsoever:

A transcript (in case you don't speak goofball fluently):
My Sister: What was that?
E: Emmett sammich more?
My Sister: Emmett sandwich more?
Ross: Would you like another sandwich, Emmett?
E: Yes, Auntie. Preese Auntie, sammich

...don't worry, it gets better from here...

Ross: We can make a sandwich for you. How about I make you a sandwich?
E: Emmett
My Sister: Emmett sandwich? What kinda sandwich?
E: A poo samnmich?
My Sister: A Whaaa?
E: A poo sammich?
My Sister: A poor sandwich?
E: A poo samminch?
My Sister: A POO sandwich.
Ross: No! No, I'm not making that in my kitchen.
My Sister: You want a poo sandwich?
Ross: I've been told to go eat shit before, but never by my kid.
E: Yes, Auntie, Yes Daddy, thank you neenee, thank you neenee

So, naturally, I had a few questions. I started with my sister:

Totally useless. But funny.

I moved on to Ross after that:

Also useless.

And now, since I really really wanna know what it's all about, and they think it's hilarious to make poop jokes, I still have no idea why my kid so desperately wanted a poo sandwich.  Also, I don't know who neenee is. If you're neenee, my kiddo is still waiting on that sandwich, FYI.

I'm thankful today for my cousins, my aunts, modern medicine, scantron machines, and Vine, because I discovered this guy, Logan Paul, on it today through Gawker's "I can't stop watching" series:

which then led me to this guy, Jerrome Jerre

which reminded me of BatDad, who is the best thing on Vine ever:

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