Saturday, November 9, 2013

List #3: Things I want to do right now but can't

1. I'm dying to write about people in my life today. Just dying. I'm keeping a few awesome little secrets, some of which many people already know and a few that no one else knows, and none of which I'm allowed to put on the internet. And I'm going to confess something here: I love gossip. I love knowing things about people, about how people feel about each other, about little dramas, getting to tell people news they've never heard before...but it would be so unfair to write about those things, so I'll just keep them to myself and flaunt the fact that I know things, because I love my friends and family more than I love gossip. I think this whole thing started when I watched soap operas as a kid. Those were the best sick days - marathons of Days of Our Lives and All My Children, with so much intrigue and scheming and overdone romance.

2. I so want to go to Disneyland. It's holiday time there, which is always the best. The lights and the bells and the funny outfits everyone wears - they're so cheery, everything smells delicious, and the whole place has always felt magical to me. We took Emmett this summer and he loved it, which made me so happy, because I've loved Disneyland for ages. Kelle and I had annual passes when we were teenagers and used to spend most Tuesday afternoons there, searching for Hidden Mickeys and groups of tourists dressed identically. I'd like to go today, but of course it's really far away and this is a holiday weekend, so that's not gonna happen. And it's pricey! Just about $100 a ticket now - we did it once this year, but I don't know if we could justify spending that kind of money again - throw in parking and lunch, and it's nearly a $300 day, that for us ended at 1:00 because of naptime. Boo.

3. I want to wear my wedding rings. I love them and I hate not wearing them. This one isn't a "just today" kind of thing, but a most days thing. My fingers swell up because of my arthritis, so my rings only fit sometimes, and if I leave them on too long, my skin gets really irritated and I break out in a horrible rash because of the too-tight rings. I also want to get them sized, but I'm not sure that will help, because my Drs. don't know if the arthritis will stick around or not, so I may end up with too-big rings.

4. Swimming sounds like the best thing right now, but we don't have a pool, and we're not members anywhere. I suppose Emmett and I could try to sneak into a hotel pool somewhere in Emeryville, but that sounds risky. 

5. If I could upload pictures of the "Animal Alphabet" Ross designed, I would put it up on our Etsy shop right now and promote the shit out of it. These little paintings are so fricken cute. We're going to offer individual letters as paintings, and also custom made name deals - they'll be adorable, and hopefully a big hit. BUT! We still can't find the cord to the camera, and I think that although the iPhone pictures are ok, I should be learning how to use the Lumix. Especially if we're gonna be doing this for reals, which I so hope we are. I'm enjoying it, and I know Ross is too - he's told me several times he likes having painting "assignments" because it helps him focus his art. I feel the same way about writing - it's kind of torturous getting going sometimes, but once I do it, I'm so glad.

6. For probably 4 days now, I've wanted dim sum. Delicious little bites of pastry or rice paper filled with vegetables and spices and seasonings and man, they're so good. I especially want a chive pancake with peanut sauce. I've also been craving these vegetable kabobs from a Thai Lao restaurant in Berkeley called Dara. I lived around the corner from it for a year or so, and used to eat there all the time. These things are heavenly - Marinated broccoli, tofu, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and onions all charred on a woodfire grill and served with cucumber and carrot salad and peanut sauce. My mouth is watering thinking about them.

I'm sure there's more, but I can go binge on Parks and Rec right now because the kiddo is napping, and so I'm going to. Today, I'm thankful for: brand new sweatshirts that are still fuzzy and soft inside, bandannas, plants that are hard to kill, bubbly water and big heavy blankets

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