Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soccer, for Two Year Olds (Aka OMG the cutest thing ever)

Down the street from our house, there is an amazing gym. It's housed in an old airplane hangar (we have a lot of those, because there used to be an Air Force Base on the island), and tehy offer piles and piles of great family-oriented classes and activities.

The Bladium is an institution on Alameda...a rite of passage, one of those clubs that most everyone belongs to. I would have joined long ago if they offered yoga, but they're a little more sports-oriented than wellness-oriented, so while I've seriously contemplated trying their rock climbing classes, I've never actually gone there for fitness. I've definitely visited the on-site bar, though!

But! Our kiddo is old enough for their soccer classes now! Actually, he was about 6 months ago, but we didn't realize that they start soccer as early as 18 months (how adorable does that sound!?) So a few days ago, when we found out they still had room in their winter session classes, we signed him up for their Lil Kickers program. His first class was today, and it was possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

They provide the kids with uniforms on their first day of class, which is a sweet touch. E's was much too big, so we traded it in, but not before I got this adorable shot of him wearing a jersey that goes down to his knees.

It's not such an excellent shot of the coach, but it's all I've got!
The coaches were great, leading the kids through some kicking, some running, and lots of practice following directions. E loved loved loved it...he followed the coaches around like they were his instant best friends, and even though he had a bit of a tough time standing still and not kicking the ball right at people, he did pretty well, I think!

Can't wait to take him back next week and see what they've got planned. So far, I can't recommend the classes enough!

Today, I love naps, friends who are willing to laugh about exactly what persimmons taste like, how family friendly Alameda is, Special K cereal (I've had like 3 bowls) and Jon Stewart, because he just gets it.

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