Thursday, January 2, 2014

List #7 - Things I Said and Really Meant in 2013

Have you ever noticed how having a kid makes you say really odd things? I think it's just about the funniest thing, so last year, I kept track of things we said to the kiddo that were just too ridiculous to believe. And as my final goodbye to 2013, I'm sharing the top 10, without explanation, in order of hilarity.

10. "Where the hell did that Maypole come from?"
9. "Cars don't drive on guitars"
8. "We don't drink milk through curtains"
7. "That necklace looks so pretty on your dinosaur"
6. "We don't put hammers in gravy"
5. "Oh, it's ok, that banana doesn't need it's hair combed"
4. "Aw, now my butt is wet too"
3. "No no no, don't throw that horse!"
2. "Did you put a crouton in that bird?"
1. "E, where are your berries? And your banana?"

I have a feeling it's gonna get even funnier in 2014. Can't wait!

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