Thursday, January 23, 2014

List #8 - News Round Up (With Commentary!)

So there's been a ton of awesome stuff in the news this week. I've been talking current events non-stop at work, and wanting to on Facebook, but it doesn't seem to be a place where people want to engage about politics and issues anymore. So now I'll do it here, with the things I've been talking about the most.

1. Richard Sherman - his rant after the game on Sunday was shocking, and a bit uncouth, but I think that's what football is! They spend hours trying to kill each other - why would we expect them to just want to be friends afterwards? Maybe I don't get sports, but I think the expectation that someone should be polite to/about their rival, especially when said rival had just rejected an overture of politeness, is silly. Seriously, watch the video at that link if you have any doubts. Sherman didn't swear, he didn't threaten violence, he just yelled a bit. Totally ok by me. And while I'm at it, lay off the word "{thug" when talking about him. It's been talked to death by now, but I'm sick of people saying "But I don't mean it in a racist way." It doesn't matter what way you mean it. The meaning has changed, and you need to learn, and then stop using it (unless you want to be racist - then go for it, I guess.) This article in particular was a good summary.

2. Justin Bieber - I will never ever ever ever ever ever let my kid be a teen star. Just, no. There was an interesting piece a while back by Mara Wilson, the adorable kid in Mrs. Doubtfire, about why teen stars go off the rails. You should check it out. Bieber's parents probably should have, too, before he turned 18. Hope the kid gets some help. And some decent pants.

3. The Olympics in Sochi - Obama's sending a gay delegation, Jon Stewart's doing an amazing job of mocking the homophobia in Russia, and of Putin in particular, Germany is wearing all rainbow, and I just know there are going to be mini-protests all over the place. The Olympic Committee really needs to figure out that it's not a political statement to be out and proud. If we had network TV, I'd be glued to it for the next month.
4. The Raiderettes - I had no idea how little professional cheerleaders were paid. Seriously - $1250 per season? That's crazy! I can't imagine working that hard, let alone smiling that hard, for what amounts to about $5/hour. I hope they win gigantic piles of money, because cheerleading is a highly physical and demanding sport, and if the football players get millions and become stars, the cheerleaders should get that chance too.

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