Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Wish List

I don't really want much of anything for Christmas, actually, besides time with my family and Bailey's in my coffee in the morning. I do like getting presents, don't get me wrong. I will happily accept all the presents. I've just gotten to this funny point in my life where the things I tend to want most are boring, unacceptable Christmas wish list things. Like thick socks, or more shampoo because I'm almost out, or someone to clean my bathroom. Not really appropriate for an email to the Mother-In-Law, you know?

So mostly I say scarves, or markers for grading, or headbands (which I legitimately love and wear all the time).

But! I saw this dress on Etsy, and now I need it so badly I may cry. The print - stunning. The cut - perfect for my body. It looks like the most fun thing to spin around in ever ever ever. Right?!

I would wear it on dates. Or to the store. Or to work. Every day.
It's $325, which means I'm not actually getting it, but oh man, if I did, I would wear the shit out of it! It's the perfect Ms. Frizzle dress.

And it got me hunting around Etsy for other fun things I really like and will never get, or use, because they're totally impractical. But isn't a Christmas wish list kind of all about the impractical and not needed?

Like this vintage storage pot:
It's just too dang cute

I have no idea what I would put it in, it's so tiny. On the other hand, if it had cheeks I would want to squeeze them because it's the most adorable little painted pot ever.

And then there's these silly things!

If pencils could be hipster...
They're the most twee pencils I've ever seen. OOOooooh, idea!!!! I could keep these pencils in my tiny painted pot! Perfect!

I do legitimately need a new bag. The strap on my purse is currently halfway off. Luckily, Ross gets me a new purse every Christmas! If you're reading this, babe, I like this bag a lot!

And then there's this one. I have no idea what's actually going on here. Is the bird crash-landing? Having such a great idea that he's falling flat on his face? I think it would be very well placed right over the toilet...the bird will look surprised at whatever it is you're up to. Regardless, this picture made me laugh so hard when I saw it and now I want it. And at only about $8, if I don't get it for Christmas, I just may order it for myself.

Ooh, whatcha got goin' on down there?

Thankful today for my husband's excellent cooking, which he does while I blog. For the backyard garden at Wild Side West, because I've had some of the funnest, funniest conversations of my life there. For garlic, just cause it smells so good. For an adorable little bookstore called "Badger Books" because they had the best selection of indestructible books there. Books with real stories, so my rambunctious 2 year old can read away without shredding the pages. I bought him two, for Christmas. Almost gave them to him as soon as I got home, but I decided just the bag was enough, and he didn't seem to mind even a bit. And finally for baby giggles. My kiddo still has them, and I'm so glad.

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