Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Links Round Up

A whole bunch of things I've found on the internet lately that are fun. Or interesting. Or really dumb, but they made me laugh.

1. Paul Rudd is an hilarious jerk. He could definitely be my friend. Apparently he's been playing the exact same clip from a terrible movie called Mack and Me every time he goes on Conan. Love it.

Here's the link to the video if the embed doesn't work for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RImuHaQV2V4

2. Fox News has taken their whole "War on Christmas" deal a bit too far. It's one thing to be annoyed about people saying "Happy Holidays," (a stupid thing, yes, but still not too wacko), but it's another to insist that both Santa Claus and Jesus are white men. Jon Stewart did an awesome takedown of the whole thing, and you should watch it.

War on Christmas - S#@t's Getting Weird Edition: Fox News clears up the historical record on Santa Claus.

3. This is such good reading. Seriously, I happily procrastinated on my grading for at least 30 mins with this article. When I was home sick, The Price Is Right was one of my very favorite shows. I haven't managed to make it to a taping yet, buy you better believe when I do I'll be re-reading this article before I go. Slate's Complete Guide to Winning the Price Is Right - Without Knowing Any Prices

4. The Awkward Yeti is just my kind of humor. Ridiculously and unabashedly punny. My cousin Nick loves them too, and that dood knows puns.
5. President Obama did something pretty awesome about the Olympics, and the homophobic (btw I hate using that word to describe discrimination against gays - as Morgan Freeman said, you're not scared, you're a bigot) laws that Russia has recently passed. His Olympic delegation includes two very openly gay women and one not so openly gay man. White House Picks LGBT Icons to Open Sochi Olympics

6. This website, Bad Engagement Photos, is too dang funny. The blog's tagline, "Dedicated to poking fun at the big, bad wedding machine" is right on. I have an hilarious one that I may submit...at the end of our engagement shoot in the Redwood Park in Oakland, we'd gotten to this little campsite and we were tired. We were almost out of light, and had a couple of pieces of clothing that our wonderful stylist still wanted us to try to use, and while at the time we thought the pictures were adorable and hilarious, I don't think we realized just how silly this one set of pictures actually was. It might not be up there with this gem from the site, 

but it's still pretty bad, in all the best ways:
I don't remember who found the giant stick, but I'm so glad they did. I'll never not smile when I look at this!

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