Friday, March 28, 2014

List #10 - Some good things

1. It's Friday - and not just any Friday! It's Spring Break! One whole glorious week when I don't have to talk to a single teenager if I don't want to!
1b. Dammit, it's like they have radar. The second I hit that exclamation point, my FaceBook dinged with a message from a student. Not that it wasn't for a good reason. But still, it's like he knew!

2. I've been hungry and not-sick enough to eat dinner for 5 nights in a row! Hooray! I've missed food...I think I'm officially back up to my pre-pregnancy weight, finally. This one took a little longer than the last one, but I'm finally definitely feeling better!

 3. I think I felt the baby kick last night. It might've been a dream. But it might've been real. And I feel a little less torqued about the whole thing, so either way, it was a good thing.

 4. This person, Arian Foster, hates Caillou probably even more than I do. Solidarity! Also this is an awesome reason to link to one of my more favorite posts. I'm still pretty proud of that one.

5. Mom's coming up for a long visit starting on Monday!
5b. Which means it's almost time for my nephew to arrive! I can't wait to see my sister be a mother, and can't wait to meet that little boy!
5c. Which means I gotta get my hairs did now before that kiddo gets here!

6. We're gonna watch Scandal tonight, which will mean that I can look at Twitter again in about 2 hours.

7. We're almost through Season 1 of Veronica Mars, and I still don't remember who killed Lilly Kane, so I'm excited to watch the rest. Also Ross had never watched the show before and he's really enjoying it.

8. Someone tried to steal my new OtterBox phone cover today. Which doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is, because that someone was a teenaged boy, who was spotted by my neighbor as he tossed the flowery phone case cover down in disgust on her lawn. She left us a note on our door, then called the cops, who actually came out to take a report, but also didn't seem inclined to do much more about it, because it's not like anything was actually stolen. Best of both worlds. I love this small town island.

9. I have chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream in my freezer.

10. I won at 2048! It took about a week, but I did it! And now I don't have to play anymore! Wooo!

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