Saturday, January 17, 2015

Verbal Vomit

There's a fine line between not being ashamed of things that happened in my past and telling everybody about it. I have a really hard time not divulging everything about myself when I'm meeting someone who seems cool. It's like, logically I know the grocery store is not the place to talk about my recovery from my eating disorder. Or pregnancy details. Or my weird enjoyment of terrible politics. But…sometimes only my brain knows that. My mouth just goes. And how do you stop talking in the middle of that? Once verbal vomit gets going, you just have to get to a stopping point. My brain is going WrapItUpWrapItUpWrapItUp and my mouth is going BlahBlahBlahBlah and my body is going *cringe.*

And then I just stand there awkwardly, like, dammit. Hope that person is cool enough to not think I'm a total freak now.

So here's hoping I don't replay that in my head for the next week, thinking of all the smart cool things I could have said, rather than what I did say.


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