Sunday, November 2, 2014

Circular Conversations

E#1 can't say Rs yet. (E#2 can't really say anything yet aside from "A-goooo" but that's to be expected). Anyways, E1 can't say Rs, but he can hear them. Which leads to lots of hilarious conversations between him and me.

E: I want to build a wamp with my bwocks!
Me: A wamp?
E: No, a wamp!
Me: A wamp?
E: No mama, a WAMP!
Me: A ramp?
E: Yeah! A wamp!

E: Auntie, I want a cwackew!
Kel: A qwacker?
E: No, a qwackew!
Kel: A qwacker?
E: No Auntie, a QWACKEW!
Kel: A cracker?
E: Yeah, a qwackew!

This also happens with the word "spiderweb" and it makes me laugh so hard every time.

E: Look mama, a spidewob!
Me: A spidewob?
E: No, a spidewob!
Me: A wob?
E: No mama, a WOB!
Me: A web?
E: Yeah! A wob!

It was especially funny at Halloween - decorations all over the place, plus the kids dressed up all in things he couldn't pronounce properly, but could pronounce adorably.

An astwonaut, a dwagon and a wobster!

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