Monday, July 7, 2014


Feeling very ambitious today - we're heading off to the Redwoods for camping! We've got a tent cabin reserved at Big Basin (cause you know there's no way I'm gonna be able to get myself up off an air mattress on the ground!)

The kiddo has been counting down the "sleeps" left til camping, and Ross is so in need of nature time - I'm looking forward to it myself. Big trees and good friends are two of my favorite things.

Ross is planning to wander off and do a bunch of paintings. He's been working on a series of the buildings on the old Naval Air Station, very technical and architectural, and very cool. The en plein air stuff he'll be doing in the Redwoods will be a nice contrast, I think. I'm excited to see them, anyways!

Thankful today for the health of both my kiddos, my nephew's giant drooly smiles, low-sugar jam, long walks in pretty places, and distractingly silly tv shows (Sons of Anarchy and True Blood, I'm talking to you).

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