Saturday, April 26, 2014

List #11 - Priorities of the now

#1 - National Boards - I've got about 3 weeks left to finish this project, and I'm only about halfway done. Maybe. I'm spending all afternoon and evening on Mondays and Thursdays writing, then two more evenings at home, and a good chunk of my weekends.

#2 - Health - trying to fit in yoga, naps, non-microwaved food, time to talk about feelings n shit. I get each of those things maybe once or twice a week right now...not the best case, but once I'm done with National Boards and school for the year, I'll get to yoga and nap lots!

#3 - Work - it's insane at the moment. Not in any horrible awful "I hate this" kind of way, but in the way of Prom is next Saturday and I'm organizing it, and we're trying to sell tshirts and hoodies but people aren't buying so we may lose money, so I need to figure out another fundraiser, and also AP tests start May 5th so that's a lot of work, and also I'm one of the main graduation planners this year, plus I have to do student gov interviews and find a sub for my maternity leave....and that whole teaching thing too.

#4 - Time with my little family - they just keep losing out right now. The kiddo has been staying up a little later, so I'm seeing him for at least 30 mins most nights, and I've gotten a couple evenings with the big compound fam which has been lovely. But I don't feel like I see any of them often enough. E is clearly agreeing with me, because he's glued to my side whenever we're both home together, and demanding attention if I step away for even a moment...bathroom doors shoved open, climbing up to kiss my face piles of times while I'm researching, throwing things, shouting...I get it kiddo, I really do...I wish I had more time. Soon.

#5 - Housekeeping and other chores - I've so been dumping all of this on Ross. And he's been great about it. Clean clothes show up in my drawers at least once a week, and the house gets picked up, dishes get done. Our little family gets taken care of, and I'm so thankful.

#6 - Friends - I think I've still got some! Hopefully seeing one or two tomorrow for a going-away party for a great friend who's moving to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins. The time away from writing makes me feel anxious, but she's worth it.

#7 - Blogging - clearly. Oh well. It's not like I'm not writing ALL THE TIME anyways.

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